Due to the continued unavailability of Mojo tyres, Grampian Kart Club has taken the decision to switch all Rotax Max classes to the Maxxis new age green tyre for the remaining two rounds of the Boyndie Drome Open Challenge. We are aware that competitors have been struggling since late June to get tyres and are reaching a point where they have nothing left to use. This has an impact on entries but also raises safety concerns if competitors are trying to race on tyres well past their intended life. The Maxxis new age green tyre is instead of Mojo tyres – we can’t run the two side-by-side in the interests of fair competition and safety.

We have held out in the hope that supply would become more readily available to avoid any conflict that changing tyres mid-season would have. We have chosen to go with the Maxxis new age green tyre off the back of North of Scotland Kart Club using this tyre last weekend. This at least allows any competitors who purchased them to get further use out of them if they wish. The season tyre restriction will also be lifted for rotax classes but as before you may only register one set of slick tyres per meeting.

The intention is that all Rotax classes will continue to use the Mojo W5 in wet conditions for the remaining two rounds.