Entries should be submitted no later than Wednesday 12 noon on the 6 July. Entries after this will be accepted but the competitor will be grided at the back for all heats.

To be included in the professionaly printed race programme your entry must be submitted by the 24 June, 12noon.

By submitting an entry I declare that:

  1. I have been given an opportunity to read the General Regulations of Motorsport UK and, if any the Supplementary Regulations for this event and agree to be bound by them. I declare that I am physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and I’m competent to do so. I acknowledge that I understand the nature and type of the event and the potential risk inherent with Motorsport and agree to accept the risk.
  2. To the best of my knowledge the driver possess the standard of competence necessary for an event of the type to which this entry relates and that the vehicle entered is suitable and roadworthy for the event with regard to the course and the speeds which will be reached.
  3. The use of the vehicle herby entered is covered by insurance as required by the law which is valid for such part of this event as shall take place on roads as defined by the law.
  4. I understand that should I at the time of this event be suffering from any disability whether permanent or temporary which is likely to affect prejudicially my normal control of the vehicle, I may not take part unless I have declared such disability to the ASN which has, following such declaration, issued a licence which permits me to do so.
  5. Any application form for a licence which was signed by a person under the age of 18 years was countersigned by that person’s parent/legal guardian/guarantor, whose full names and addresses have been given.
  6. If I am the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor of the driver I understand that I shall have the right to be present during any procedure being carried out under the Supplementary Regulations issued for this event and the general regulations of Motorsport UK. As the Parent/Guardian/Guarantor I confirm that I have acquainted myself with the Motorsport UK general regulations, agree to pay any appropriate charges and fees pursuant to those regulations (to include any appendices thereto) and herby agree to be bound by those regulations and submit myself without reserve to the consequences resulting from those regulations (and any subsequent alteration thereof). Further, I agree to pay as liquidated damages any fines imposed upon me to the maxima set out in Part 3, Appendix 1. Note: Where the parent/guardian/guarantor is not present there must be a representative who must produce a written and signed authorisation to act from the parent/guardian/guarantor as appropriate.
  7. I herby agree to abide by the Motorsport UK Child Protection Policy and Guidelines and the National Sporting Code of Conduct.

Anti-Doping Special Note

8. I have read and fully understand the Procedure for Control of Drugs and Alcohol as contained in the Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook Regulations H39, D35.1, G15.1.4 and have also fully familiarised myself with the information on the websites referred to (www.ukad.org.uk and www.wada-ama.org) in particular the UK Anti Doping Rules which have been adopted by the Motorsport UK (as amended). Further, if I am counter-signing as a parent or guardian of a minor then in addition to the deemed consent to the testing of that minor (Art 5.6.2) I herby confirm I give such consent for the minor concerned to be so tested.

9. This event may be attended by GKC authorised media representative, if you do not wish your child (or child whom you are responsible for) to be photographed (or captured by similar photographic device) then please record this in writing at signing on (prior to event commencement). Failure to do so will be accepted as your authorisation to allow images to be taken and stored.

Online Entry Form


Race entry is £150 for the weekend. An additional practice day on Friday is available at the cost of £30. Entry fees can be payable at the weekend – please note we can only accept cash on the day or by BACS to Grampian Kart Club, sort code 82-65-11 and account 70251491. Please refrence the driver name.

Electric hook-up is available at the cost of £10 per person, per day – regardless of whether you’re plugged in directly or in-directly. Terms and conditions can be found here and on the power towers. The club has invested significant capital to provide these facilities and we’d appreciate your honesty and cooperation in helping repay this investment.

If you have any queries about your entry please contact entry@grampiankartclub.com