The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Club House at Boyndie Drome on Sunday 20th November. Start time to be confirmed but usually around lunchtime.

All members are encouraged to attend as the decisions made here will shape the year ahead for the club – the type of racing we choose to support, number of rounds and any other proposals put forward. This includes electing a committee for 2023 – an essential component in the function of the club. All positions are up for grabs and a number of key roles have indicated they will not be standing for 2023 including the Chairman, Competition Secretary and Timekeeper. The club has tried over previous years to plan for this eventuality and encourage succession planning but has sadly been unsuccessful. The club has relied on a small group of people taking on a number of key roles, we need to increase this pool to put the club in a stronger position going forward.

An example of this is the timekeeper role – as it stands going into 2023 the club will have one person in its remit who knows how to operate the timing system. They have indicated that they will not be timing the race meetings but are willing to train others to do so. Likewise the Competition Secretary role completes all the administration pre, during and post-race meetings. Organises the required officials, MSUK permits if required, managing entries and taking responsibility for the running of the race meeting on the day. Without individuals stepping forward to take on these roles – the club will not be able to organise race meetings in 2023.

With a membership of 200+ members we all have family and friends who are likely capable of taking on a role or sharing the responsibility with others. Everyone leads busy lives, including those on your outgoing committee but many hands make light work. You are part of a voluntary run club and it’s up to every member to safeguard its future. If you would like any information on any role prior to the AGM then please get in touch.

Current committee roles

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Competition Secretary
  • Club Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social
  • Maintenance
  • Hire karts
  • Press
  • Marshals
  • Trophies
  • ASKC representative
  • Under 21’s representative
  • Website
  • IT
  • Insurance Advisor
  • ARKS examiner
  • Child liaison officer
  • Bistro