MSUK Clubman meetings are run to the Motorsport UK’s regulations which can be found on their website.

To take part in these meetings you must either hold a Motorsport UK racing licence or apply for a free clubman licence at

Apply for RS Clubman licence

This provides drivers a route to gaining a full MSUK race license receiving signatures at all Clubman races. After receiving 6 signatures the driver can apply for a full Interclub license and go racing nationally. An RS Clubman license can be applied for on or before the day of the race and only takes a few minutes.

How to Race RS Clubman

  1. Go to and click ‘Apply or Renew Now’
  2. Fill in the RS Clubman License Application which only takes a few minutes.
  1. You will be issued with your digital license and license number.
  2. You will need to complete a short driver induction course to ensure you are aware of the flag system and how to be safe on track. These will be carried out on race day before the drivers briefing.
  3. Once you have your RS Clubman’s licence & induction course pass certificate you’re good to go – just bring them both to race day check in!

ALL under 18’s will need to be accompanied by a PG license holder. This is a parent/guardian license from Motorsport UK and the approved parent/guardian must bring it with them to be checked on race day. The cost is £27 and can be applied for by downloading the PG License form and sending it back to Motorsport UK. The PG license MUST be applied for and received before under 18’s can race.

2024 Calendar

  • Round 1 – 9 June
  • Round 2 – 14 July
  • Round 3 – 8 September

x of x to count to Championship.

Kart Classes

  • Bambino
  • Cadet (GX160)
  • Cadet (GX200 and Micro Max)*
  • Inter (Minimax 2022** and Inter Micro Max)
  • Junior Max
  • Senior Max
  • Senior Max 177
  • KZUK

* – Minimum of 5 to form a grid

**- Driver dispentation currently being applied for by GKC

All rules and regulations will be run to the blue and yellow books provided by Motorsport UK.

Hire Karts

For 2023 Grampian Kart Club will run a hire kart / arrive and drive series on Saturday afternoons. For more information visit the hire kart series page.

Race Format

  • Drivers briefing 9am with 3 lap practice shortly after
  • 1x 6min timed quaifying heat (grid for subsequent heats formed by fastest time)
  • 2x 6min heats + 1 lap
  • 1x 8min final + 1lap (grid based off total points from heats)

Rules & Regs

As per Motorsport UK Blue & Yellow books along with the club’s Supplementary Regulations which can be viewed here.


  • Saturday Practice – £20 (+£10 for non-members)
  • Sunday Race Entry – £60 (+£10 day membership for non-members)
  • Transponder Hire – £10

Online Entry Form

Entry List

Hire Karts