If you hook up, directly or indirectly, any equipment or accommodation to this electricity point, you will be charged as follows on a first come, first served basis:

All Competitors

£10 per 24-hour period or part thereof, starting at hook up on arrival at the club and ending on departure.  For example, if you hook up from 1600 on a Friday and disconnect before 1600 on a Sunday, you will be charged £20, per hook up.  If you arrive and hook up earlier than 48 hours in advance of when you disconnect on a Sunday, you will be charged a further £10.

This charge applies irrespective of whether you are plugged directly into the hook up point or you are plugged in via a splitter or extension to another users hook up.

If you are competing as part of a team, your hook up fee only covers any private accommodation or equipment hook ups.

Team Tent

If you are a team principle setting up a tent for your team for a race weekend, the charge is £10 per 24-hour period or part thereof for power to the tent, starting at hook up on arrival at the club and ending on departure. 

Please ensure each of your competitors are aware that if they have equipment or accommodation plugged in via your tent, they will be charged as a competitor per the above. 

A Team is a commercial race company or racing team hosting drivers in providing race services or covered accommodation at the club and receiving financial gain where the principal is not also the PG Entrant licence holder. 

Off-peak hook up

£80 per year for off-peak hook up i.e. hook up at the club anytime the club is open for practice but not during a race weekend. Upon payment to the club, you will be given a padlock code.  For the avoidance of doubt, off-peak hook up does not entitle you to an electric hook-up for race weekends (Friday to Sunday inc).

Prohibited uses of Electric Hook-up

These points are provided to make your stay a little more comfortable by providing lighting, air compressor, phone charging etc. Please make use of gas to boil water, cook and provide heat. Electric vehicle charging is prohibited and anyone found to be charging an EV vehicle will be asked to leave the facility. Excess draw will fuse the circuit – please be considerate.

Dishonest use of the electric hook ups will result in a ban from the club.


GKC Committee