As most of you will be aware that after 66 days in lockdown our First Minister announced that from Friday 29th May we are now in Phase One of the road to normality. Within this phase the return of non-contact sports such as archery, fishing, golf and tennis have been given the go ahead where social distancing can be adhered to. The Committee have been hard at work behind the scenes doing what we can to get the club open for members, this hasn’t been easy but as a result the club is now in a position to allow members to practice but members will need to adhere to some new rules – most of which you will be well aware of from the weekly shop. Whilst different Nations are coming out of lockdown at different paces, we’ve been keeping an eye on clubs further South such as Rowrah who are already planning their first return to racing in July.

So along with the usual club rules there are now some measures put in place to assist our members in maintaining social distancing. Generally it’s a case of using common sense to reduce your contact with others and maintain your distance.

Without further ado the rules are as follows:
1. You must register online at to indicate your attendance at the circuit. This information will act as a register of attendance for the purposes of contact tracing
2. 4m distance between vehicles in the paddock
3. Maintain 2m distance between other households
4. Driver & mechanic only to reduce numbers at the circuit
5. No sharing of equipment amongst other households, this includes tools, racewear and awnings
6. One way system as per the diagram to be followed. First to the grid put your kart to the front to allow plenty space behind. Once your driver is on circuit please vacate the dummy grid for the next group.
7. No kart to be left in the pit lane to avoid congestion, please remove your kart if you are not entering the circuit again in that session and take it to your vehicle in the paddock
8. Please be conscious of lifting others karts, where possible please keep to driver and mechanic only but if not possible then please do so with social distancing in mind.
9. No access will be provided to the clubhouse or garage, the only available toilet will be the disabled toilet. The club has provided sanitising products so please keep it clean and maintain good personal hygiene.
10. No overnight stays at the circuit
11. Please don’t organise mass-gatherings of kart classes
12. Close the gate behind you to prevent spectators from entering the grounds

Most IMPORTANTLY of all – if you are displaying symptoms of the virus then please don’t attend the circuit and follow the guidance from the NHS. This also applies to those within the vulnerable category or those who are caring for someone who is. Please consider your personal circumstances.

We will carry out random spots checks both in person and remotely to ensure that the above rules are being adhered to. If it becomes apparent that these measures aren’t being adhered to then the club will close until the measures can be lessened. These rules are in place to help reduce the risk of transmission of the virus which is in every ones best interests. So PLEASE obey the rules we have in place during these challenging times, the last thing we want to see of the club being closed again.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and hopefully in the coming weeks/months we will be able to lessen these rules and consider hosting race meetings if the Government guidance allows.

We hope you’re all keeping well

GKC One Way System

GKC Social Distancing Rules