Volunteers for June 3. If the position is empty – it’s vacant. If you have an interest in learning roles that are occupied we are happy to have you onboard.

Volunteers are paid £50 for their day to cover their costs. You must arrive for 8am to assist set-up and we aim to be away by 4:30-5pm.

The hire karts provide the majority of GKC’s income, without it the club would look very different so all members have a responsbility to keep it going for the better of their club. For the most part it’s a good laugh with enough hands to spread the workload.

To volunter please contact webmaster@grampiankartclub.com

Below positions subject to change on the day. Thanks to those listed for volunteering!

OrgainserKeiran Smart
Time KeepingKeiran Smart
PitlaneDorothy Wyness
MaintenanceAdrian Brodie
Maintenance AssistanceLiam (?)
Start Light / MarshalAlan Wyness
Finish LineHamish Bruce
MarshalJonny Edwards
MarshalRichard Henderson
MarshalGary Ingram
MarshalMartin Towler
MarshalJosh Emslie