The ‘Hire Kart Series’ is GKC’s only ‘arrive & drive’ series where we provide everything required to go racing.

Participants will automatically accumulate points for each round they compete – there is no registration required. Championship trophies will be on offer for both lights (<80kg) and heavies (>80kg). Competitors must be aged 15 years + to participate.


The format is as follows:

  • 3 lap practice
  • 3x 6min + 1 lap
  • 1x 7min + 1 lap final for all

There will be two classes consisting of lights (<80kg) and heavies (>80kg) – this will be based on the club’s scales with all safety gear on ready to race. No ballast can be carried on your person – if your weight is touch and go please weigh yourself on the scales prior to signing on.

If enough in each class they will be run as separate grids, if not they will be run together but points counted separately.


  • Saturday 9th March (11:30-3pm)
  • Saturday 13th April (11:30 – 3pm)
  • Saturday 11th May (11:30-3pm)
  • Saturday 10th August (11:30-3pm)
  • Saturday 12th October (11:30-3pm)

4 of 5 rounds to count to the Championship. Your two worst scores will be dropped including any not attended. You can’t dropped excluded results for driving infringements.


  • 11am – 11:25am : Signing on
  • 11:30am : Drivers briefing
  • Noon : First heats
  • Finals : 1:30pm
  • Trophies : 3pm


£80 per driver which includes kart hire and all required equipment. You are welcome to use your own suit, helmet or gloves assuming they are suitable for the application.

General Rules

  • 1. Karting is a non-contact sport. Contact can’t be used to force a passing opportunity and if done so will be penalised.
  • 2. Starts will be rolling 2 by 2 formation. There will be no rolling lap, karts will leave the pit exit in formation and head to the start area on the main straight as controlled by the pole sitter. Karts will stay in formation until the red light is extinguished when you may acclererate and commence racing.
  • 3. The track is defined by the white line. Excessively running off the track or abusing the kerbs will result in warnings and subsequent penalities. This is in the interests of preventing kart failures.
  • 4. Flags and signals from marshals must be obeyed at all times. Failure to do so will result in peanlities.

For a full run down of the general BDOC rules the rule book can be found here.

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