Now that the festive break is out the way it’s time to start looking towards the 2023 season!

Owner Drivers

The good news is that membership fees are being held for the 2023 season! Some big changes to kart classes have been implemented by Motorsport UK and the committee are trying to navigate with the ASKC how this looks for Scottish Kart Racing.

Unfortunately the club’s AGM was not successful in electing a full committee for the 2023 season. As it stands the club requires someone to take on responsibility for managing our IT assets – ideally the person will be competent in computer hardware.

Likewise at least one timekeeper is required to be trained up in the use of the electronic timing system. Some computer skills required and a basic understanding of how kart events are run would be beneficial. As it stands the club doesn’t have anyone within its remit to run our race meetings.

If you’d like to volunteer please contact

Hire Karts

Plans for the hire kart season will be published shortly. As always we need volunteers to assist with these events. In particular we need more people to on the roles carrying responsibility – running the events and maintenance. As with the timekeeper position mentioned earlier the club is in a very vulnerable situation where if key individuals move on we have no one trained up to take over.

If you’d like to volunteer please contact