Motorsport UK is the governing body for UK motorsport. To compete at a Motorsport UK event the competitor must hold a valid racing licence issued by Motorsport UK. These events are run by Motorsport UK licensed officials which includes the Clerk of the Course, Scrutineers and Steward. The rules are set out in the blue and yellow books set out by Motorsport UK.

How do I get a licence?

You will need to first purchase a ‘starter pack’ from Motorsport UK before you can undertake your ARKS (Association of Racing Kart Schools) test.

The test is very simple and made up of 2 components which include a driven part and a multiple choice written test. During the driven part of the test your ARKS examiner will need to witness that you are safe and competent on the circuit. The written part of the test is a selection of questions to demonstrate your understanding of the flags and safety equipment.

Our local ARKS examiner is Gordon Rennie based in Ellon, you can contact him at 01358 511 050.

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